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Creative force (and all-around gent) :icontnperkins: interviewed on SiDEBAR podcast. Listen and enjoy ... and then start working your way through the 'Barchives!
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Stumptown Comics Fest is only a few days away! Will I see you there?
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Ailing Device, 2012, graphite.

I'm in the market for a new computer and, perhaps, some peripheral devices. Care to recommend your setup or, perhaps, the setup you long for?

My current setup: PC laptop purchased several years ago when our household desperately needed a new computer at a reasonable price. Machine still supports day-to-day tasks just fine but, man, does it get slow when running Photoshop, etc. Currently no peripheral devices aside from external hard drive.

A couple of nagging questions:
  • Better to buy a less expensive "workhorse" and instead invest in a nice tablet?
  • Mac or PC? I've had both in the home but, honestly, the pragmatist in me feels no real preference for either. Convince me.
I welcome your suggestions, opinions, etc. Thanks in advance for the thought food.
  • Reading: Robert Louis Stevenson's TREASURE ISLAND
  • Watching: Batman: The Brave and the Bold
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Just follow the yellow brick road (or I5, as it were)!

I will be there; you'll find me on the floor, not behind a table. I may have a new Fannie Firecracker mini-comic with me. Sound off if you'll be there also!

Emerald City Comicon homepage
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